The Process

Designing one of a kind pieces, whether for new mothers or for weddings, truly sets my heart on fire. As a Cancer, I appreciate and value moments and people above all else, which is why I take such a careful approach to your one of a kind piece.

My process begins with a Skype conversation where we will walk through your custom order and describe to me what it is you are seeking. From there we will mock up an inspiration board of ideas, carefully curated to your vision. Once this vision is solidified, I will then begin to design your piece, providing you with a few options for final review. After final review, I will then send you either the custom product OR calligraphy files for your use.


I'm interested, what is the next step?

If you are interested in the next step, I highly suggest heading to the contact section & describe in detail what you are looking form. From there I will send you my custom order pricing guide to ensure we are a good fit.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes a 50% deposit is due during your first consultation. Your deposit covers your complimentary consultation, alongside the first draft of the design process. The remaining balance is due upon completion of your custom order.

What is your turn around time?

Currently my turn around time for custom orders is 4-6 weeks, and 5-7 weeks in the fall.

Do you offer calligraphy classes?

Soon! I’m currently working with a few talented vendors to set up an in person class to those native to Tri-Cities, WA. I’m also working on setting up an online class, so stay tuned!

Do you do any logo work?

Currently at this time I’m focusing on custom work for maternity, wedding, and children orders. If in the future this changes, I will surely make this known.

Who owns the design once produced?

L Maria Calligraphy will retain the rights to my work. If you are looking at obtaining the full rights, we can most certainly arrange a custom collection around this.