My name is Liesel Maria Volk and I’m pleased to meet you! If you haven’t quite guessed it by now, I’m a German whom had a mother that loved The Sound of Music – hence the origin behind my name. I take pride in my heritage, love my family and my fifth grade kiddos, and have the cutest pup ever named Tino, short for Valentino.

Hand lettering has been near and dear to my heart ever since I could remember. From doodling on paper in grade school, to my first high school job at Starbucks lettering signs, to countless freelance projects for businesses and events in college- hand lettering has tied itself to me, continually bringing me a sense of peace and purpose.

Whether it is drafting vows for a couples wedding day, or writing chalkboard signs for your babies monthly milestone, I take pride in creating unique pieces of art to celebrate such a momentous moment in your life. Moments to me are everything, and remembering the little things, like what you promised or what her first word was might someday drift from our memories. So let me help you remember it, in the most organic and romantic way possible.